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Been seeing bugs in your home in Lakewood Ranch? The warm and humid weather here in Florida creates the perfect breeding environment for bugs. Our team here at Prodigy Pest Solutions is one of the top rated pest control companies in Lakewood Ranch FL. and we are here to help.



If you have spotted bugs in or around your home in Lakewood Ranch, Prodigy Pest Solutions is here to help. Seeing bugs in your home can be unnerving. The last thing that we want is for you to feel on edge inside your own home.

We have been treating homes all over the Lakewood Ranch area and know just what to do to take care of those pesky bugs quickly and easily.

  • Web Away Treatments. Homeowners in Lakewood Ranch often deal with spiders in or around their home. We start each service by using a treated brush that extends 30 feet up to wipe down all spider webs and eggs that may be hiding along the walls and eaves of your home. Not only does this take care of spiders that could be nesting and breeding currently, but this also repels future spiders.

  • Exterior Repellant. During the hotter months here in Lakewood Ranch, bugs head inside to keep cool and find water. The exterior foundation treatment is one of the most important as this keeps the outdoor bugs from entering in the home via the wall voids. This acts as a protective barrier around your home and guarantees a bug-free home.

  • Yard Barrier. All bugs nest and breed in the yard. We treat this with a family friendly product that hits the insects at the source and disrupts their breeding cycles. This offers a more permanent solution for the bugs that are already living on your property.

  • Driveway. For those Lakewood Ranch homes that have a driveway, you have probably noticed that this is a hot spot for ants. We treat the perimeter of your driveway with a long-lasting repellant to ensure that those ants don’t pull up sand in the bricks.

  • Lanai. You should be able to enjoy your lanai without spiders swinging down on you. Because many homes in Sarasota have a lanai, we throw in an additional treatment and eradicate any unwelcome spiders that may be lurking in or around it.

  • House/Garage. We do such a great job outside of your home, we rarely (if ever), have to come in. But the interior and garage are included in our treatment and warranty.

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Brian Ahrens
Brian Ahrens
18:47 16 Feb 24
Our technician, kenny Turner did a great job. He was reliable, and did a thorough job. Second time he serviced our house. Both times excellent job.
Dale McKinney
Dale McKinney
20:53 14 Feb 24
Kenny came today. Provided excellent service. Was very thorough and took care of everything
Allison Wisotzkey
Allison Wisotzkey
00:35 14 Feb 24
Michael McDowell
Michael McDowell
19:32 13 Feb 24
Nick came out today to deal with what he diagnosed as a Ghost and Caribbean ant problem. He was totally AMAZING, following the diagnosis he utilized two different solution to all of their trails to practically wipe them out within hours. It is comforting to know that Prodigy has experts like Nick - great job and many thanks!!!
Karen David
Karen David
22:25 07 Feb 24
We have an on going rat issue in the attic of our home. After doing some research, we gave Prodigy Pest solutions a call. They sent out a fellow named Nick "from New York" to look at where the rats may be coming in and discussed remedies to get rid of them. We were very impressed by his professionalism, knowledge and passion for what he does. He said his father taught him the trade and mentioned he used to ride with him on calls since he was 5 yrs old. He assured us that we were in good hands and would take care of the problem. I called Payton in the office who was very helpful ,set up a contract and hired them on the spot while Nick was still at our home.He stopped all the entry points and comes by every other day to check traps and bait stations, it has been about 2 weeks and he has almost solved the problem. I also decided to add full pest control to the contract. We now have piece of mind and are letting the professionals take care of our home and to be pest free.I highly recommend Prodigy Pest Solutions and ask for Nick "from New York" best tech ever!Dale and Karen
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Living in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Living in Lakewood Ranch, Florida is an experience unlike any other. As one of the fastest growing communities in the United States, Lakewood Ranch is quickly becoming a sought-after destination for those looking to move and find a new home. With its wide array of residential options, active lifestyle opportunities, and beautiful landscape, it’s no wonder why so many people are flocking to this burgeoning metropolis.

From baby boomers to millennials and everyone in between, Lakewood Ranch has something for everyone. It’s an oasis of family-friendly living with over a dozen neighborhoods offering everything from single-family homes to townhomes and apartments. No matter what kind of residence you are looking for, you can find it at Lakewood Ranch. You will also find plenty of amenities such as community pools, golf courses, shopping centers, entertainment venues, parks and trails – all within easy reach of your front door!

Lakewood Ranch has truly become an ideal place for people to live. Not only does it have some of the best housing options available in Florida but it also provides many recreational activities that keep both visitors and residents alike entertained year-round. From fishing on the Manatee River or playing rounds at one of the championship golf courses to enjoying the multitude of parks, trails and nature preserves – there’s something fun for everyone’s interest!

What sets Lakewood Ranch apart from other communities is its commitment to quality living standards through its award-winning master plan. This plan ensures that each neighborhood within the community maintains its own unique character while striving for excellence across all aspects including safety and security protocols, stormwater management systems and public services offerings like police and fire departments. In addition to this focus on quality living standards throughout all aspects of life in Lakewood Ranch, this master plan also encourages green initiatives such as water conservation measures – making sure that any changes made by development teams are done in a sustainable way that puts environmental protection first.

Last but not least – let’s not forget about one other aspect that makes living in Lakewood Ranch such a great experience: its friendly neighbors! At Lakewood Ranch you’ll find people who are welcoming and supportive regardless if they have been living there their whole life or have just recently moved into town – making Lakewood Ranch feel like one big family who enjoys each other’s company on countless occasions throughout the year!

It doesn’t take long to understand why so many people choose to make their home here – whether they’re retirees looking forward to spending their golden years here or young professionals starting out on their journey – there’s something special about life at Lakewood Ranch that always draws people back time after time!

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