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Been seeing bugs in your home in North Sarasota? The warmth and humidity here in Florida creates the perfect breeding environment for pests of all kinds. Our team here at Prodigy Pest Solutions is one of the top rated pest control companies in North Sarasota FL. and we are here to help.

Prodigy Pest Solutions of North Sarasota, Florida is a family owned and operated business. We provide pest management services to control common pests such as insects and rodents. With a Satisfaction Guarantee and un-matched customer service; you can rest easy knowing our years of experience will eliminate any current pest infestation.

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If you have spotted bugs in or around your home in North Sarasota, Prodigy Pest Solutions is here to help. Seeing bugs in your home can be unnerving. The last thing that we want is for you to feel on edge inside your own home.

We have been treating homes all over the North Sarasota area and know just what to do to take care of those pesky bugs quickly and easily.

  • Web Away Treatments. Homeowners in North Sarasota often deal with spiders in or around their home. We start each service by using a treated brush that extends 30 feet up to wipe down all spider webs and eggs that may be hiding along the walls and eaves of your home. Not only does this take care of spiders that could be nesting and breeding currently, but this also repels future spiders.

  • Exterior Repellant. During the hotter months here in North Sarasota, bugs head inside to keep cool and find water. The exterior foundation treatment is one of the most important as this keeps the outdoor bugs from entering in the home via the wall voids. This acts as a protective barrier around your home and guarantees a bug-free home.

  • Yard Barrier. All bugs nest and breed in the yard. We treat this with a family friendly product that hits the insects at the source and disrupts their breeding cycles. This offers a more permanent solution for the bugs that are already living on your property.

  • Driveway. For those North Sarasota homes that have a driveway, you have probably noticed that this is a hot spot for ants. We treat the perimeter of your driveway with a long-lasting repellant to ensure that those ants don’t pull up sand in the bricks.

  • Lanai. You should be able to enjoy your lanai without spiders swinging down on you. Because many homes in North Sarasota have a lanai, we throw in an additional treatment and eradicate any unwelcome spiders that may be lurking in or around it.

  • House/Garage. We do such a great job outside of your home, we rarely (if ever), have to come in. But the interior and garage are included in our treatment and warranty.

Prodigy Pest Solutions
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Michelle Walker
Michelle Walker
14:43 08 Aug 22
Payton the office manager is outstanding. I had a bumpy start and Payton made it right. She went above and beyond to make sure the customer satisfaction that I deserved was attained. Yes, I wish I didn't have issues early on, but in this day, patience is so important and sometimes people just need a chance to get it right. Payton nailed that chance to make it right by providing me with the highest level of customer satisfaction to resolve my concerns. Thank you Payton for listening to my concerns, really hearing me and doing something about it. Because of Payton, I stayed and I am glad that I did. My technician Jennifer is the absolute best. She listens and she does the job right, smiling the whole time.
Tom Vera
Tom Vera
19:36 01 Aug 22
We used your service this weekend and the technician Nick was fantastic. He not only got rid of the insects on our property but was also very informative and Professional with his service. We REALLY appreciate his work ethic’s. We ask that he continues to be our Pest Control technician for our residence in the future. Thank you!V/RTom
Julie Puglisi
Julie Puglisi
17:45 25 Jul 22
Great Service from Wyatt today!We've used Prodigy for Pest control for almost 5 years. No complaints. All the technicians have been very helpful and professional - very thorough. Love the communication emails - really helps me to know when to expect them. The technicians always take the time to be consultative whenever we have had any new creepy crawly situations pop up. Great company. would recommend them for sure.
Katie Lynn
Katie Lynn
15:13 06 Jul 22
Prodigy Pest Solutions is an impressive company. The technicians truly take the time to thoroughly explain their service and answer any questions a new customer like myself had. They explained the whole process and that results do take time. Not only did the technician diligently pay attention to the little details, but did a very thorough job on my spider activity that other companies in the past could not solve or decrease it. I would highly recommend working with a local and family owned business such as Prodigy.
Caryn Roelofs
Caryn Roelofs
21:34 24 Jun 22
Wyatt came to do preventative treatment for wood-destroying termites, which means he had to go up to the attic... in mid-90 degree weather. Can you imagine what the temperature was in the attic?! He did not complain. and he was up there for a while, so I know he was being very thorough... not skipping areas in order to get out of the attic more quickly.I also use Prodigy for general pest control. I completely trust the work that Prodigy employees perform. They're the best!!
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