Ever wonder what farmers did to fend off crop pests hundreds of years ago? Long before the discovery of hazardous chemical pesticides, farmers and householders came up with several remedies to remove from their garden plants insect infestations.

Several of our favorite, all-natural, cheap, organic methods for producing bug-busting pesticides for your home garden are provided in the following list. Make sure that you buy certified organic products, as mentioned by Sarasota, FL Pest Control Services. Otherwise, your pesticide will certainly not be safe.

Best And Effective Organic Pest Control Remedies.

Following are the best organic pest control remedies provided by Sarasota, FL Pest Control Services:


Neem oil was highly revered by ancient Indians as a robust and all-natural plant to ward off pests. Also, one of the most effective natural pesticides on the planet, Neem juice, contains over 50 natural insecticides. The highly bitter arboreal leaf can be used to create a natural pesticide spray.

Attach 1/2 ounce of high-quality organic neem oil and 1/2 teaspoon of a mild organic liquid soap to two-quarters of hot water to make neem oil spray. Slowly Strip. Attach to a spray bottle and immediately use it. We are the best Sarasota pest control, so if you are looking for a solution, we are just a call away.

Onion Scraps Spray

You can use kitchen leftovers to make your organic bug spray! Only save the skins, peels, and ends of your onion and then refrigerate in an empty margarine-sized tub or ziplock bag until the jar is full. Put the pieces of onion in a pail until you have plenty, and fill them with warm water. Soak for a couple of days, a week up. You can keep it steep in the sun on the patio, but this is optional. Strain the onion bits out after one week, and store the onion water in spray bottles.

Bury the bits of onion around the plants susceptible to aphids, spiders, and other pests. Just spray the water on both house and garden plants to kill aphids and pests. You should also combine the garlic trimmings with the bits of onion; bugs hate the garlic too! Pest control Sarasota can be your best companion in getting rid of the pests without using any chemicals.

Bordeaux Mixture

It is a typical organic fungicide for the treatment of a wide variety of rots, mildews, and bugs and can be purchased easily from pest control Sarasota FL. In a non-metallic bottle, blend 90 g of copper sulfate (bluestone) with 4.5 liters of hot water and leave overnight. Next day blend 125 g slaked lime in a non-metallic tub with 4.5 liters of cold water. Combine all mixtures with vigorous stirring. Use it right away. To maximize its performance, an oil such as codacide can be added. Spray from the Bordeaux mixture can clog the nozzles. It can also lead to a build-up of copper in the soil and associated toxicity if overused.

Milk is beneficial on peas, pumpkins, and cucumber leaves, against a variety of mildews. Using equal amounts of milk and water, and spray every few days until the mildew is under control. If the mildew is out of reach to remove the infected leaves to prevent spreading the mildew and do not water in the evening, start watering in the mornings.

Red Chili Powder

Combine in freshwater chilies, apply pure soap, strain, and spray. Acts as a toxin to the stomach and can be used against caterpillars. Spray as an insect repellent around insect-trails or kitchen shelves. Beekeepers use it to keep ants off hives.

Insecticide Soap

Insecticidal potassium soap has a high salt content which desiccates and kills them when sprayed on susceptible insects. The target insect may come into direct contact with the spray as a contact insecticide, so good coverage is necessary for optimal performance. Insects that are susceptible include aphids, mealybug, other species of mites, thrip, and whitefly. On the home garden market, potassium-based soap products include ‘Moeco Neemtech,’ ‘Yates Green Earth aphid-mite spray,’ ‘Multicrop Bug Guard,’ and ‘Spray tech or Yates Natura soap.’

Lime Sulfur

Lime sulfur is registered for the prevention of powdery mildew on ornamental and various stone fruit and apple diseases. It is also licensed as an insecticide for the control of certain species of scale and mite on different fruit trees, ornamentals, and tomatoes. Lime sulfur should not be applied if the air temperature is above 32 degrees Celsius after a spray of copper in the same season or within two weeks of an oil spray. Best Sarasota Pest Control can help you with best solutions related to pest control.


Molasses spray can be used for chewing insects such as caterpillars and grasshoppers as a feeding deterrent. Molasses spray formula Combine 1 tbsp of molasses and 5 g of pure soap flakes in 1 l of water. Apply undiluted as needed. Molasses applied to nematode infested soil can reduce root galling and reproduction of nematodes. Soil treatment Molasses Apply 38 ml of molasses per liter of water per square meter of soil per week.

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