As summer heats up, we all want to get outdoors more. Who doesn’t love to have a backyard barbecue and celebrate with friends and family? Here are some tips for getting your backyard ready for the season of outdoor fun:

  • Get your lawn up to snuff. Step one is to make sure your grass is soft, lush and beautiful. This will welcome your loved ones to take off their shoes and relax. Some of things you can do to get your lawn ready include: aerating and raking thatch from your lawn. These can either be done yourself or by a local lawn care company. If you have ugly weeds popping up in the middle of the yard, use a weed and feed treatment from your local hardware store to get rid of them. And finally, keep your lawn watered, mowed, and edged. This is especially important to do the day of or the day before your backyard party.
  • Keep your backyard living area looking nice. Re-stain or paint your wood lawn furniture, swing sets, and wood decking as needed. Sweep and/or hose off your concrete to keep it clear of debris. Put your tools and BBQ utensils in a storage bin or shed so the area looks tidy. Having an area free of clutter will make it a relaxing oasis for your friends and family.
  • Get more shade. If you live somewhere that is frequently hot and sunny, think of ways to make it more comfortable to relax in the yard. This could mean an awning addition to your house (hired professionals or diy), a large umbrella, or an affordable shade sail. Giving your guests a little shade from the sun will make it that much more pleasant to be outside any time of day.
  • Make your area inviting. If you will be enjoying company into the cool of the evening, or late in the season, consider a fire pit or patio heater. This will make it more cozy so you can keep the fun up even as the temperature drops. Whether your lawn furniture is plastic, metal, or wood, it can always get more comfy if you have a cushion or pillow to sit on. Consider side tables or other places for guests to set their drinks if they won’t be at a dining table.
  • Consider the environment. Do you need extra lighting to keep the yard well-lit when the sun goes down? Solar stake lights are a low-maintenance option. Do your guests have easy access to drink refills and to the restroom as needed? Think through some common scenarios for the party to determine if the setup is convenient to maximize comfort at your party.
  • Control pests. Day or night, there are certain to be some uninvited pests that will try to crash your party. Read on to learn how easy it is to keep pests away from your friends and family this year.

Residents in Bradenton, Florida know how important it is to be proactive about controlling pests in your home and yard before they get a foothold. When you spot fire ants, spiders, crickets, and other pests, it can go from a couple of bugs to a full infestation very quickly. That is why you need to have a dependable pest control team on your side before the problem gets out of hand. With several plans to choose from, Prodigy Pest Control Service Bradenton is the pest control partner you need.

What kinds of plans are available to fight pests in and around your home?

Bimonthly: Our aggressive bimonthly plan costs just $99 per treatment. We start with a thorough initial treatment, and then treat again every other month for a total of six follow-ups after your initial treatment. This plan includes:

  • $149 initial treatment
  • Bi-monthly treatments for $99 per visit
  • Pest control treatment is safe for pets
  • 100% guaranteed. We will come back out free of charge if you see bugs between treatments.
  • Treatment for up to 3,000 square feet in your home
  • Unmatched support

Quarterly: Quarterly treatments remove the guesswork to ensure that your home stays pest free year round. Pest Control Exterminators will do four treatments in your Bradenton home throughout the year. Signing up for the quarterly plan will get you:

  • $199 initial treatment
  • The best pest control service in Bradenton
  • Pet Friendly Fee $229*
  • 100% Guaranteed to eliminate pests in your home
  • Treatment for a home size of up to 3,000 sq ft

Mosquito Control: Mosquitos can put a damper on your enjoyment of your Bradenton home and yard. Mosquito control treatments can reclaim your home so that you can relax knowing that your family won’t be attacked by these biting pests.

Termite Control: Termites are one of the homeowner’s worst nightmares. Call us today for more questions about termite control and to see how we can keep termites from destroying your home.

It’s simple to control your pests and reclaim your home and yard. Give Prodigy a call to come up with a customized plan for your situation.

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