Termites are among the most feared, loathed, and dangerous pests homeowners can encounter. These pests will eat into your home and your belongings, causing a great deal of damage and loss. And the dust they create and the dried exoskeletons of dead termites can lead to massive asthma attacks in those who are prone to breathing issues such as allergies and asthma.

How to Keep Termites Away From Your Wooden Furniture

Usually, by the time homeowners realizes that there has been a termite infestation, damage has been done and cannot be reversed. Here are some practical tips that can help you protect your valuable furniture piece and make them more termite-resistant.

  • Use only high-quality BWR grade plywood: A great way to protect wooden furniture from termites is to pay for quality right from the start as much as possible. If you cannot afford quality solid wood for furniture pieces it is highly recommended to look for furniture that uses boiling water resistant (BWR) plywood. This type of pressed plywood is chemically treated to be durable and to resist water and moisture damage. It is also treated with chemicals that make the wood unattractive and indigestible by termites. Synthetic resins make a super strong bond between each layer of the plywood, which gives it durability and strength similar to solid natural wood with a more affordable price tag.
  • Apply anti-termite chemicals: Natural wood is the termite’s favorite meal so making the wood of your furniture unappetizing is a great way to guard against these pests. Once a piece of furniture has been made using raw wood it is recommended to use an anti-termite sealer or a basic wood preservative on the surface.
  • Protect from moisture and water damage: Termites thrive in moist, humid, and dark areas, so it is important to make sure that the areas of the home that are prone to high moisture and humidity- like kitchens and bathrooms- are ventilated well and kept as dry as possible. Cross ventilation is a great way to go about reducing the moisture content within a home. Cleaning and dusting individual furniture pieces are also a good way to keep termites at bay because it prevents them from having undisturbed access to the wood. You should, however, avoid wiping furniture with anything other than a dry cloth and a dry spray polish so as not to increase moisture levels in the piece and the room as a whole.
  • Don’t put furniture directly on the ground: Furniture can be used outdoors and entire lines are made specifically for use outdoors. This means they are more prone to termite infestation. The best way to avoid termite damage to avoid keeping wooden furniture on a patio nonwooden surface. Direct contact with soil can let termites bore right into the wooden furniture. Avoiding easy access by termites is one of the simplest tips on how to get rid of termites permanently and keep them away from your furniture.

Pest control methods and options

Keeping the entire home pest free is another great way to protect your wooden furniture from termite infestation and damage. Home-wide spraying and pest control measures can prevent termites from getting into your home in the first place. This is an effective method but it is one that must be carefully considered. Usually, most pesticides that are used for home pest control are toxic. There are companies that are now offering non-toxic chemicals and safer options for homes so there is less risk to people and pets. No matter what type of treatment plan you go with, it is important that you take all the recommended precautions while having your home treated.

Termite-resistant polish for regular maintenance

As a final line of defense against termite damage, regular care and maintenance will be needed. When you polish your high-end pieces, which should be done every few years to keep them looking their best, consider using a polish that is designed to help protect wood and repel pests. Some of these polishes create a hard clear shell-like layer over the wood that protects it from chewing and boring pests like termites.

With these tips in mind, you can take easy and actionable steps to protect your wooden furniture pieces from termites. Give yourself the peace of mind you want and need and keep your pieces looking great year after year with these tips on how to get rid of termites permanently that can be used starting right now!

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