Most people think of the kitchen as the heart of the home, but for many pests, the bedroom is where they want to be. From bed bugs and ants to dust mites and cockroaches, there are a variety of pests that can make their way into your bedroom and cause problems. While some may be merely nuisance guests, others can cause serious health concerns. Learning how to identify common bedroom pests and taking steps to prevent them from coming in can help you keep your bedroom a safe and comfortable place to sleep.


Bedbugs are one of the common pests that can infest bedrooms and other spaces in homes and buildings. They are notoriously hard to get rid of, as they reproduce quickly and hide in tight spaces. As such, if you suspect your space may have a bedbug problem, it is best to take decisive action right away by calling a professional exterminator. With the help of an expert, you can rid your home of any bugs and help prevent future infestations.


Cockroaches are common bedroom pests, often attracted to food crumbs or water. It is important to keep your bedroom clean and free of clutter as this makes it less likely that they will lurk in hidden corners and other areas. Avoid leaving food out, take out the garbage regularly, vacuum often, and make sure there are no small cracks where cockroaches might enter from. This can help ensure that the roaches stay away from your home.


Ants can be common bedroom pests, and it can prove difficult to get rid of them once they have established a nest near your bed or dresser. Calling a professional exterminator is the best way to rid your home of these bothersome insects. They will employ a safe and effective method to remove the ants from your space and provide expert advice on how to keep them away in the future. It is important to take action as soon as you spot ants at home, because leaving them unchecked could lead to further issues that cost more time and money.


Many people are not fans of common bedroom pests like spiders, however these tiny creatures are just looking for food and warmth in the same way we are. In fact, when it comes to the spiders found in bedrooms, it is likely that the sole purpose of them being there is to build webs and stay put while they catch their prey. While it can be off-putting, if pest control measures are taken and preventive efforts are made it should be possible for homeowners to coexist peacefully with these common household visitors.


Fleas are common bedroom pests that can be found in the home of both pet owners and those without. Although they tend to look for access to warm blood, they don’t need direct contact with a person or pet to become established in their hosts. Instead, if there is a comfortable environment like carpets and beds, fleas can survive for some time without needing fresh blood. As such, it is important for all households to be aware of this possible invasion and practice good hygiene in order to avoid any potential problems.


Rats and mice are common bedroom pests, and between them can adversely affect the home environment in a number of ways. Not only are these rodents known for damaging property such as furniture, wiring, clothing and foodstuffs, but their presence also carries the added risk of transmitting diseases to humans. Furthermore, it can be incredibly difficult to eradicate an infestation due to the fact that they reproduce rapidly – female rats can have several litters per year with approximately 6-12 baby rats in each litter, while a mouse may have 10-14 babies annually. Compounding this problem is the fact that once born, young may stay with their mother in a communal nest or burrow rather than immediately setting out by themselves. Therefore if you suspect rodents in your bedroom, swift action should be taken to ensure your safety and comfort.

Even though most of us consider bedrooms a sanctuary‒a place of relaxation and respite from the world, pests can tip the scales. Unfortunately, even if your bedroom is spotless and well-maintained, you won’t be able to keep out all potential pests. By being aware of common bedroom pests and taking steps to prevent them from entering your home, you can rest easier knowing that you have taken action to prevent an infestation within your household. With experience and expertise, Prodigy Pest Solutions will help identify the pest in question and will designate an efficient course of action. Whether you’re looking for prevention tips or an effective treatment plan, speak with Prodigy today; postpone nightmares with Prodigy’s pest control solutions!

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