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Full termite control for all species of termites including, Subterranean, Formosan Subterranean and Dry wood Termites.

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We provide a retreatment and repair warranty for all subterranean termite control including retreatment of any areas reinvested and we also repair any damage to your home done by termites since we did our initial treatment.

Protect Yourself from Subterranean Termites

There are many reasons to love Florida. From year round sunny weather to a bustling social life, it’s hard not to fall in love with this state.

However, termites seem to share that sentiment!

There are multiple termite types within Florida, causing great fear and concern for homeowners. After all, an infestation can be dangerous and expensive, and in many cases, it may be too late to salvage a home once an infestation is found. But within the termite world, the subterranean species has made itself known among homeowners because of how problematic this pest can be.

Learn more about subterranean termites to prevent your home from falling victim to these nasty pests.

What are subterranean termites?

The University of Florida reports subterranean termites are one of the three termite species in the Sunshine State, but subterraneans are the most destructive. There are native and invasive versions of the species in Florida, and the invasive versions often create larger, more damaging colonies.

As their name indicates, subterranean termites eat away at wood from underground, destroying the integrity of structures. As a result, the university also reports that termite infestations cost $32 billion in repair damages worldwide each year.

How do I know if I have a subterranean termite problem?

Termites are powerful little creatures. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine if you have a subterranean termite issue, but there are telltale signs of invasion. For starters, if you find “mud tubes” crawling up your home or in the crawl space, these are likely connectors into your home for termites. These flat, dirt-like structures are composed of saliva, soil, and waste, the University of Florida reports.

Another common sign of a termite problem can be found within the structure and integrity of your home. Termite damage can appear on wood and in installation. Look for obvious signs of burrowing and eating away at the structures.

As a Florida homeowner, you should have your home examined for termites every year. This could limit the impact of potential infestations or prevent an invasion from turning into an infestation.

Can I prevent subterranean termites from entering my home?

While termites may love the Sunshine State just as much as we do, the University of Florida reports that there are multiple ways to protect your home from termites.

  • For starters, don’t give these little pests any “snacks” to munch on. Remove stumps, old roots, and other discarded wood from your property. 
  • Put space between wood features on your home — like outdoor trim — and the soil. Six inches should be just enough to limit termite trouble.
  • Any wood pieces that must be in the ground, such as fence posts, should be treated to deter potential termite guests. 
  • Prevent plants and other flora from reaching within two feet of your home’s exterior. Just as mud tubes and discarded wood attract termites, these plants can act as bridges, leading termites right to your home.

Trust Prodigy Pest Solutions to Protect Your Home

Our team at Prodigy Pest Solutions has seen the devastation termites can cause. Our goal is to help you prevent that. Call us today to schedule your annual termite inspection, and ask about our pre-treatment to protect the wood on your property. Subterranean termites may be part of the Floridian package, but they don’t have to ruin your home with help from Prodigy Pest Solutions. 

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Lauren Keel
Lauren Keel
00:45 23 Nov 21
Awesome service and communication, and whatever they're doing works! We bought an older house and I'm honestly surprised at how few bugs of any type we've seen over the past year. Every person I've come into contact with has been great, especially our regular tech, Wyatt.
Richard Katzenberger
Richard Katzenberger
20:55 09 Nov 21
Started our introduction with a pleasant and very informative discussion about Prodigy services with Chad. We had been with another company that charged us for add on services in an a la carte format. Prodigy incorporates a broad range of coverage in its package and Chad explained clearly why they take this approach. Overall cost was a wash. Base cost was more than our previous service, but when you add in the additional charges for fire ants, spiders, etc. it all worked out with Prodigy. Our technician, Wyatt, introduced himself and explained what he would be doing, and in what order, at our first service. He listened to my areas of concern and assured me he would address them. Now, we felt informed, treated fairly and confident. Thank you Chad, Wyatt and Prodigy.
Tom Napier
Tom Napier
13:34 30 Oct 21
I’m very pleased with my choice of using Prodigy Pest solution as my pest control provider. I have used them for a year now and pleased with their performance. They proactively communicate when service is scheduled and they’re flexible making changes when requested. Their service techs are professional and willing to work with homeowners on any areas homeowners identify as hot spots. They show up on time, perform all services they promised and are consistent with their processes. I highly recommend Prodigy if/when you’re looking for a pest control provider.
chowki nesser
chowki nesser
21:04 28 Oct 21
The team at Prodigy from Chad (the owner) to Sabrina, wyatt, Matt, and the rest, are truly professional and caring to ensure their customers are satisfied. They respond to any request and they never keep you guessing. They explain every step in the process but most importantly they respond to the customer’s worries. They above all provide excellent service and ensure you are satisfied. What more a customer can ask for?
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall
14:49 14 Oct 21
Excellent company/technicians! I highly recommend Prodigy Pest Solutions because they sent an actual Entomologist for the free consultation the next day. Shaun was not only very knowledgeable, he was kind and courteous and answered every question I had. They also quoted us the best price for the same treatment plan as other companies recommended.I am 100% satisfied and will be using and recommending this company from now on.
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