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Spotting a rodent in your home can be frightening and frustrating. Their sharp claws and need to chew can cause some major damage to your home. Palm rats, also known as roof rats, black rats, ship rats or house rats, are the leading rodent pest in Florida and in other tropical climates.

If you find yourself facing a rodent infestation in your home, let Prodigy Pest Solutions help. We’re dedicated to providing you the best rodent control to keep your home a sanctuary.

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We provide a retreatment and repair warranty for all rodent control including retreatment of any areas reinvested and we also repair any damage to your home done by rodents since we did our initial treatment.

Don’t Let Florida Rodents Overthrow Your Bradenton Home

We’re proud to be part of the thriving community of Bradenton, Florida. This unique coastal city has a lot to offer the families that live along its shores, and it’s our honor to protect these very families from dangerous pest infestations.

Among some of the more dangerous invaders within our community are rodents. These vermin can carry many diseases while leaving behind a destructive wake in their path. When you have a problem with rodents in Bradenton, our team at Prodigy Pest Solutions can help you find customized treatment plans that are created with your needs in mind. The goal is to return your home in this Bradenton paradise into a safe environment for your family.

If you own a Bradenton home, monitor your environment for signs of these common rodents!

Roof Rats

Like their name suggests, roof rats live above you. These rodents like to reside in attics and trees, often scavenging for fruits and vegetables while munching on wire and installation. They are black or tan, but the distinctive characteristic of a roof rat is that its tail is longer than its body and head.

Like other species of rats, roof rats can mate quickly, too. This means that what could start as just a few rats could multiple into many! The best way to spot the signs of roof rats is to examine your tall plants and attic. Look for droppings, nests, and bite marks in your walls, leaves, and installation. If you notice any of these signs, text Prodigy Pest Solutions for a free and fast estimate!

Moles and Voles

While these burrowing outdoor pests don’t typically invade your home, they can cause problems in your yard. Moles will dig holes and tunnels throughout your yard, destroying the integrity of your lawn and potentially damaging pipes and roots on your trees and shrubs. Meanwhile, voles like to dig into bulbs and other flowering plants.

Unfortunately, the easiest way to spot a mole or vole is after the damage is done. These rodents will leave obvious signs of destruction, with tunnel-like pathways across your yard and damage to your favorite plants. Once you spot these, contact Prodigy Pest Solutions! We have experience with multiple outdoor pest mitigation strategies, but more importantly, a mole or vole invasion can ruin your yard quickly!


The tricky part about mice is that they can easily fit into tight spaces. And, like their rat brethren, they like warm and dark spaces. This makes Florida the perfect spot for these vermin! Similarly to roof rats, mice leave droppings, bite marks, and evidence of scavenging in your cabinets, garage, and home.

While roof rats will likely stay high above you, mice don’t have a similar mercy. They will scatter through walls and behind cabinets, causing havoc across your home. While they also reproduce quickly, it’s this complete infestation that can be the most concerning for homeowners. Shoot us a text quickly if you notice the tell-tale signs that mice have set up camp in your home!

Your Bradenton Rodent Control Resource

Rodents are dangerous, but perhaps even worse, they can make your home turn into your nightmare. Our team at Prodigy Pest Solutions wants to ensure your Bradenton home remains the sanctuary you need it to be. Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our rodent pest control systems.

Interested in working with the best? Check out our Bradenton careers page.

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Valgerdur Rodriguez
Valgerdur Rodriguez
13:34 02 Nov 23
Tristan C. stopped by to perform my monthly service. Even with a doorbell issue, he took the time to contact me letting me know he was outside. He came in and went above and beyond to make sure our home was protected. Great service as always by Prodigy Pest solutions! Thank you!
Kim Ramsey
Kim Ramsey
17:35 30 Oct 23
We are thrilled with the pest control service that Prodigy provides. We had a competitor who was responsible for our pest control and they could not keep the spiders under control. Once we switched to Prodigy - we never had a problem again - literally. We could not be more satisfied. They are also willing to come quickly if there is any unusual activity between visits. Responsiveness. Reasonable. Service oriented. You won't be sorry if you choose this company
Christopher Ciccone
Christopher Ciccone
17:05 12 Oct 23
We have used Prodigy for a few years and are pleased with their service. Just found a problem with some "ghost" ants in the house. I called yesterday afternoon and we were scheduled quickly for today. Wyatt M. was the service tech and arrived on schedule. He has been here a number of regular calls and went around the house to thoroughly treat sources of entry by the ants. He's always been a very pleasant and courteous young man. Prodigy has been great to deal with and Wyatt is an asset to the company.
Jan McCarver
Jan McCarver
15:12 11 Oct 23
I called Prodigy to have a wasp nest removed. Terry M is absolutely the best!!! His professionalism, knowledge, communication skills and dedication to his profession is impressive. The high level of service Terry provided is a rare experience nowadays. Prodigy know that Terry represented your company very well and because of that, Prodigy will be my go to company for my pest control needs. THANK YOU Terry for a positive experience and a job well done!!! It was a pleasure having you as my technician.
Connie Burnett (Connie)
Connie Burnett (Connie)
17:36 29 Sep 23
Mike is a great Tech! He definitely goes out if his way to give 110% in his service. He is professional, friendly, listens and responds to any concerns or questions that I may have. Mike is a great asset to Prodigy and I highly recommend him and Prodigy for any pest service.
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